CastSmart is Intelexel’s flagship product specifically developed for foundry/metal casting industry. Well researched and developed with care to include virtually everything the metal casting industry requires in an enterprise-grade business solution, CastSmart aims to become the de facto software platform for this industry segment.

CastSmart is modular and comprehensive, covering all facets of the foundry business:


Marketing & Sales Management

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Quotations
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Invoicing
  • Customer/product mix analysis
  • Overdue debtor alert before making new dispatch
  • Follow up on collections

Product Development management

  • Development activity management
  • Storing of drawings
  • Managing methoding sheets
  • Managing sample sheets item wise
  • Managing sample machining and other reports
  • Pattern management

Planning management

  • Daily shift wise planning for each section
  • Weekly/monthly planning for each section
  • Planning for optimum performance
  • Inventory planning

production management

  • Core management
  • Mould preparation
  • Melting and Pouring
  • Knock out
  • Surface cleaning
  • Fettling
  • Other in-house activities

Machine shop management

Machining is ancillary to casting and enhances machine shop management with features like:

  • Quotation preparation
  • Job work
  • Resource utilization

Purchase management

  • Requisitions and quotations
  • Purchase orders and their amendments
  • Receipt, inspection and purchase journal
  • Alerts for stock outs and procurement
  • Supplier rating and performance analysis
  • Supply payment alerts

Quality management

  • Raw material inspection
  • Mechanical and metallurgical inspection
  • FS and CE rejection and analysis
  • Rejection trend analysis
  • Quality manual maintenance
  • Customer specification records
  • Standards and technical library

Inventory management

  • Material/item profile
  • Material inward and inspection
  • Material indent and issue
  • Stock in-house and on order analysis
  • Inventory cost analysis
  • Age analysis

Dispatch management

A necessary adjunct to inventory, production and sales, dispatch module takes care of:

  • Final clearance with/without quality department approval and flagged accordingly
  • Packing slip
  • Dispatch summary

Customer service management

  • Product status update drawn from production, sales and inventory
  • Regular automatic updates to customer as required
  • Sales order and dispatch status
  • Online quotation
  • Online test certificate
  • Customer-wise annual reports

Human resource and payroll management

  • Personnel management
  • Payroll
  • Employee self-service section
  • Application and approval of leave
  • Timesheet for daily shift and OT
  • Loans and deductions
  • Income tax
  • Employee training and analysis
  • PF, ESI & PT
  • Safety and other activities

Finance management

  • Cash flow observation and planning
  • Cost calculation
  • Project module
  • Integrated accounting
  • Balance sheets & profit and loss account
  • Receivables and Payments due reports
  • Age analysis


  • Job work
  • Resource utilization
  • Performance analysis


  • Job Work orders
  • Outward and Inward documentation
  • Inspection
  • Performance analysis