CastSmart and KRITI are comprehensive and vast in scope. Users will need to understand the software to use it well. For this, we offer orientation and training.


  • In-house training at our head office
  • On-site training at client premises
  • Online training.

Value additions

  • Addition of locations worldwide or according to regions
  • Sales and CRM integration
  • Dashboard analytics and company performance review

Customer portal

A customer portal plug-in creates a specific avenue for interaction with new and existing customers, with data going into the backend CRM. Customers can access their accounts and software user can have complete data about all customers as well as follow up new leads.


The best software is one that is used to it’s full capability. Ease of use is our hallmark through the intuitive dashboard that lets specific personnel access information, carry out analytics and make well-informed decisions. CastSmart and Kriti MachineSmart are complex and feature-rich; but it has the simplest and easiest to use dashboard.