The bigger you grow, the more you need the best IT solution to manage your enterprise operations. It is as much about efficiency, productiveness and making the processes easier with real-time information for your business operations. There is a need for making reliable decisions to make your operational process efficient and better. The choice of preferring an off the shelf enterprise business solution or getting a custom one is yours. The former may not be able to address all your requirements even after extensive & expensive customization. The latter is better in every way since your operation efficiency would be one step ahead with solutions to each problem in hand. Custom IT solution is the key for any business verticals like manufacturing, real estate, import-export, healthcare, and travel. Intelexel morphed from foundry operators to IT solutions provider and we have never looked back as we first made a name as the best custom IT solution services for the foundry segment and subsequently in other segments like machine shops and fabrication shops.

CastSmart- flagship foundry IT EBS

In general, one can say that IT service providers excel in the IT technology aspect but lack understanding of the industry. Intelexel is different. Our past expertise in metal casting technologies gave us a solid platform on which we have succeeded in building end to end IT solutions. CastSmart is our flagship product for manufacturing and metal industries. It is all you need for everything from sales to inventory to production to inventory to payroll-HR and accounting in a superlative, easy to use package. This is backed by our unflagging support at any stage and any level.


We care for our clients and listen to what they need. Their inputs help us to advance and improve. Our employees are our best assets, and we give them all possible support to let their talents blossom. M S Hiremath, our founder, is the inspirational fountainhead with his wisdom, enlightened approach, and over 35 years of industry experience. The future is rooted in tradition, burnished by our innovative and inventive approach to using technology for the industry. Our services and customer-centric approach is hailed by our esteemed clients who speak volumes about our company and its services.

Join hands with us. We assure versatile competency in key areas backed by strong support and an ethical approach.

IT rooted in manufacturing

Ur experience in the foundry segment gave us a deep insight into how this industry operates and we developed a modular customized foundry IT solution available as a standard package. Our strong point: cost-effective, yet technology-rich and easy to use IT solution for manufacturing.

Core competencies

Intelexel is focused on excelling in its areas of core competency which are:

  • Software services and custom IT solutions for industry
  • Product development
  • Web development and design
  • Managed software testing service
  • Data warehousing
  • Migration, upgrades
  • ITES consulting

Choose us. We promise excellence backed by closest interactive support.


  • Intelexel aims to become a global company with high market share in it’s verticals.
  • Aim to ensure that our Enterprise Business Solutions for Metal Casting Industry, Machine Shops and Fabrication Shops are globally accepted and used.
  • Continuously improve the products for improved customer operational efficiency


  • Intelexel is rooted in tradition layered by modernity and polished with ethics in all aspects of its operations.
  • Transparency in all our dealings is important for us. This is conducive to collaboration and business built on trust.
  • Excellence is a target that keeps redefining itself, as we climb higher pursuing it with innovative inventiveness.