Consulting and Implementation

consulting services is born out of expertise in IT, metal casting, machine shop and fabrication industry. We help users find the right solution or gear up to implement a solution that will change their operational efficiency including productivity. This process itself has five steps.

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Our team interacts with client’s team to discuss and know the client requirement. All such discussions with key personnel are documented. We understand the client process, find out gaps and come up with recommendations that would result in marked improvement.

The next stage is our written recommendation, further discussions and fine-tuning for adoption by management and key personnel of customers.

Once we agree we sign the agreement to proceed further.

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The software may be the best but if a user does not know its features and how to use it for maximum productivity then the software is not giving full value for money.

Intelexel team offers easy to follow training sessions for employees within the client organization. The training is split into theory and hands-on practical training at the client location, in their routine business so that actual operators get up to speed quickly. Trainees work on matters related to their company operation instead of dummy project and that gives a more immersive and retentive experience.

User training is implemented in a friendly atmosphere with plenty of interaction. At the same time, we have the discipline of tests after lessons to ensure trainees have imbibed knowledge.  Those who do not pass receive further training to strengthen their weak areas. We are thorough.

Operators receive training and we designate a coordinator in the client company who will have heavier responsibility of managing the user team and troubleshooting as well as configuration and set up.

Duration of training is between 5 to 15 days or one to three working weeks. The duration depends on the number of modules that a client acquires and knowledge level of operators who will be using the solution.

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It is easy to conduct training and be done with it. However, 4ngle has a different approach. We conduct a thorough test after training and then issue a certificate to trainees who have passed the course.

Top-performing trainees receive a medal as an award for outstanding work. Top-performing trainees receive a medal as an award for outstanding work.

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Operating procedures differ from one company to another. Each company will have its Standard Operating Procedure or SOP. Intelexel team offers assistance to prepare this document that user can refer.

It can be used by existing employees and new inductees. The document is helpful when a company has wide-spread operations across various branches in different locations. The SOP further proves its worth by being useful to clients when they opt to go in for ISO or other international standards.

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Employee turnover is a common occurrence in the private sector. Therefore, it is natural that existing employees may leave and new ones onboard will require training to use the CastSmart EBD solution.

We offer low-cost training to new employees at the client location or within our premises in Bangalore. Intelexel team offers change management consulting in which the EBS platform can be aligned with the company’s Standard Operating Procedures as well as incorporate new changes across various modules.

Company performance review and analytics are additional services you can avail if you want more granular and detailed analytics of your company’s performance.

Our rates are moderate and we offer personalized attention to ensure you get optimal ROIs.

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