CastSmart is 4ngle’s flagship product specifically developed for foundry and metal casting industry. Well researched, developed with care to include virtually everything the manufacturing and metal casting requires an enterprise-grade business solution, CastSmart aims to become the de facto software platform for this industry segment.


CastSmart is modular and comprehensive, covering all facets of the metal and foundry business:

Marketing and sales management

This module covers

  • Sales
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Quotations
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Invoicing

Accessible through an easy-to-use intuitive interface which even a geek can operate with ease

Development management

A core module of CastSmart, this module offers features such as:

  • Development activity management
  • Pattern management
  • Product management

This module helps casting industries keep a track of developments and customers, with a database that can be easily accessed through specific keywords that makes information available at your fingertips.

Planning management

Aimed to help management facilitate its operations, this section covers:

  • Daily planning
  • Weekly planning
  • Monthly planning
  • Planning list

Management and production have a bird’s eye view of production present and for the future to help them plan finances, inventory and deliveries and assure better customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing and production management

This module is at the core of the CastSmart software with innovative features like:

  • Fettling
  • Melting
  • Product management
  • Mould preparation
  • Pouring
  • Surface cleaning
  • Knock out

The software helps monitor and track all stages of the casting process and to know at a glass actual productivity, waste generation, reusability and cost component.

Machine shop management

Machining is ancillary to casting and this module enhances machine shop management with features like:

  • Quotation preparation
  • Job work
  • Resource utilization

Purchase management

This module features:

  • Requisitions and quotations
  • Purchase orders
  • PO amendment
  • Procurement receipt and inspection
  • Purchase journal
  • Rejection invoice

Along with the facility to interface with production and streamline operations so that processes are not interrupted, Management has information at its fingertips that it can use to keep customers informed and happy.

Quality management

This module has vital components like:

  • Melting record property list
  • Foundry end rejection
  • Sleeve analysis
  • Raw material inspection

Inventory management

Working together with the purchase module, this module features:

  • Material/item profile
  • Goods inward
  • Material indent and issue
  • Material inspection
  • Material rejection
  • Opening and closing stock and goods in process

Those in charge of production can work with purchase department to set alerts on when to order and what materials to order and thus optimize investment and cash flow too.

Dispatch management

A necessary adjunct to inventory, production and sales, dispatch module takes care of:

  • Final clearance with/without quality department approval and flagged accordingly
  • Packing slip
  • Dispatch summary

Customer service management

The full-fledged module has vital features like:

  • Product status update is drawn from production, sales and inventory
  • Sales order and dispatch status
  • Online quotation
  • Online test certificate
  • Customer-wise annual reports

Deliver better quality customer service, keep them happy, attend to their issues and have up to the minute information whenever you want with this section.

Human resource and payroll management

The HR section features:

  • Personnel management
  • Payroll
  • Employee self-service section
  • Approval of leaves
  • Timesheet for daily shift and OT
  • Loans and deductions
  • Income tax
  • Employee training and analysis
  • PF & PT

Automation in HR ensures there is no employee dissatisfaction due to errors and you have up to the minute records with full compliance with statutory regulations.

Finance management

This module helps management and accounting personnel with features like:

  • Cash flow observation and planning
  • Costs calculation
  • Project module
  • Accounting
  • Balance sheets & profit and loss account
  • Analysis

Management can know the health of finances, find out outstanding due and analyze returns on various products.

CastSmart has everything the casting and metallurgical industry needs. Each module is integrated and plugs into the other so that changes in one reflect in relevant modules. Plus, it is easy for administrators to set up permissions and access levels.

4ngle offers total support, customization options and an easy upgrade path to future upgrades. We offer training in the use of software as well as installation and commissioning assistance. Also, we have add-on services.