Intelexel Global Support connects you to the knowledge of the best engineers in the industry for the solutions that your business depends on. We have built a strong support organization on the foundation of customer’s success.

  • We have created a network of Client Service Representatives (CSR), who are focused to strengthen the relationships with clients and making them more prosperous in day-day business with a completely automated ticketing system.
  • We are committed to make your work as easy as possible. We will work cautiously to get you the information you need, whether it is an issue resolution or just an advice. We will provide proven practices; resources and team work to answer any query, not just provide a work-around solution.
  • The Leadership towards issue resolution, training and knowledge base helps ensure CSRs have the troubleshooting, critical thinking and analytical skills necessary to promptly resolve the most critical issues and keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Our experience in support initiatives leverage customer insight and metrics into the strategic and tactical decision-making processes throughout the organization.
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